Sensei Menu Items

If you are an administrator of a site using Sensei, several menu options are available to you.


Analysis is where you can view data about courses and learners.


Grading lets you score quizzes that learners have taken.

Learner Management

Learner Management is where you can add and remove learners to/from Courses/Lessons.


In the Messages section, you can read and reply to private messages that learners sent you.

Data Updates

Data Updates enables you to perform manual data updates.


Settings is where you can configure Sensei. The section include General Settings, Course Settings, Lesson Settings, Email Notification Settings, Learner Profile Settings, and WooCommerce Settings.

Courses Menu

The Courses Menu entry lets you view, add, and order Courses and Modules, and manage Course Categories.

For more information, check out the Sensei Content Hierarchy.

Lessons Menu

Lessons Menu enables you to view, add, and order Lessons, and manage Lesson Tags.

For more information, refer to the Sensei Content Hierarchy.

Questions Menu

Questions Menu allows you to add, edit, and categorize questions for quizzes.

For more information, see Question Bank.

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