Questions and Question Bank

You can either add questions directly from the Quiz Question panel of any lessons page, or add them from the Dashboard > Questions > Add New:

add ne question sensei

Every time you create a question, it gets added to the Question Bank. This way, you’ll have a completed library of all the questions ever created, and you can re-use a question anytime you want in multiple quizzes.

You can choose from a number of different question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Gap Fill
  • Single Line
  • Multi Line
  • File Upload

You can also add media to your questions by clicking on the Add file button.

Questions can be categorized by accessing the Questions section from your Dashboard. You can edit a question and add a category (either new or existing), or add a category when creating a new question.

Please note that you cannot add a category to a question if you create the question from the Quiz Question panel on a Lesson page.

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