Learner Management

Since version 1.6 of Sensei, users can be manually added to and removed from courses and lessons.

To do so, go to Sensei > Learner Management to see a list of all courses, and filter by course category, if necessary.

Managing Learners Within a Course

To add/remove learners, select Manage Learners.

Manage Learners

Then, you will see a list of learners that are currently taking the course.

Remove a Learner From a Course

You can remove a learner from a course by selecting Remove from course.

Remove From Course

Add a Learner to a Course

To add a learner to a course, search for the user in the Add Learner to Course panel and select the learner you want to add.

Then, select Add to Course Name.

Optionally, you can choose to complete this course for the user (i.e., all lessons in the course will be completed for this learner).

Add Learner

Managing Learners Within a Lesson

To see a list of all lessons within a course, select the Lessons link from the learner management page for a course.

Lessons Link

To add/remove learners, select Manage Learners next to the relevant lesson.

Manage Learners

Here, you will see all learners that currently have a status of In Progress or Completed for that lesson (In Progress means that the learner has either saved the quiz for this lesson or submitted it for manual grading).

Remove a Learner From a Lesson

To remove a learner from a lesson, select Remove from lesson.

Remove From Lesson

Reset a Lesson/Quiz for a Learner

When you remove a learner that had previously completed the lesson’s quiz, you also reset their grade and remove their answers for that quiz.

Add a Learner to a Lesson

To add a learner to a lesson, search for the user in the Add Learner to Lesson panel and select the user you want to add.

Select Add to Lesson Name.

Optionally, choose to complete this lesson for the user. If the learner has a quiz, they pass the quiz with a grade of 100%.

Add Learner

Keep in mind, adding a learner to a lesson also adds them to the lesson’s course if they are not already taking it.

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