Customising the Certificate Template

If you’d like to customize the certificate, you can create your own template at Certificates > Certificate Templates > Add New Certificate Template. You can also upload your own background image in png or jpg format. We recommend using an image size of 1200 x 675px.

The certificate template consists of 5 separate text sections:

  1. Heading – A heading for the certificate, e.g., Certificate of Completion
    2. Message – The message of certification, e.g., This is to certify that [learner name] has completed the course
    3. Course – The name of the course, e.g., How to Play Guitar
    4. Completion date – The date the course was completed, e.g., 4th December 2013
    5. Place – The name of the site issuing the certificate, e.g., Learn Guitar OnlineYou can customize the text that appears in each section using plain text or a placeholder. The placeholder will be replaced with the relevant user data.

{{learner}} – The display name of the learner
{{course_title}} – The title of the course that has been completed
{{completion_date}} – The date the learner completed the course
{{course_place}} – The name of the site, taken from the WordPress Settings

For each text section that you want to display, you need to set the position that it will appear on the certificate.

Click Set Position. If the background image is not visible, the page will scroll up to the top of the image.

Click ‘Set position’

Drag out a box on the image where you want that text section to display.

Drag out a box to set the position of each section.

You can reposition and resize the box within the image, and when you’re happy, scroll back down to the Certificate Data panel and click Done.

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