Create Lessons on Sensei

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You can start creating a Sensei lesson from the Lessons area of your Dashboard.

Create Lessons

On the right side of your page editor, you’ll find different boxes and options to add Lessons Tags, Prerequisites, append the Lesson to a specific Course, create a lesson preview pupils can see without purchasing the course, and manage the lesson modules.

All of your lessons can be found in the All Lessons area of your Dashboard. You can re-order your lessons at any time from Dashboard > Lessons > Order Lessons.

Scrolling down your Lesson page editor, you’ll find other interesting features:

  • Excerpt: Depending on your Theme settings, the excerpt will be displayed on your website. It gives a quick overview of what your course is about.
  • Lesson Information: This is a very useful feature that will help your pupils evaluate the length and complexity of the lesson. There’s also a video embed area where you can enter any video related to your lesson. You can use shortcodes here. If you leave it empty, this section won’t appear in your pages.
  • Quiz Settings and Quiz Questions: See the Quiz lesson for more information.
  • Sharing: Add sharing buttons at the end of your lesson.

We also have a step-by-step guide on how to create lessons here!

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