Awarding Certificates

When a learner completes a course, they will be awarded a certificate that they can view by clicking the View Certificate link on the course page or on the My Courses page. The certificate is a pdf document that they can view in their web browser and save or print out.

The site administrator can view all the certificates that have been awarded in the Dashboard at Certificates > Certificates. 

If you already have users who have completed courses on your site, you may want to create certificates for them. If your site has less than 1000 users, the certificates for all past completed courses will be automatically created for your learners. However, if your site has more than 1000 users or the creation of the certificates fails, there is a way to rerun the creation of these certificates.

Navigate to Sensei > Data Updates in the Dashboard where you will see a list of available updates for Sensei and Sensei extensions. Select the Re-run Update button for the Create Certificates item. This will start the script to recreate the learners certificates.

Please note that a site with a large number of users will take an extended period of time to execute and complete.

 Re-run the Certificate Creation function.
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